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  • Unlimiter Access Switch (65mm)

    Unlimiter Access Switch (65mm)

    £19.00 £22.00
    Fantastic value 65mm switch. 4 colours. Clear, screw-off cap lets you label switch with a symbol - our most popular switch!
  • Ablenet TalkingBrix Communication Aid

    Ablenet TalkingBrix Communication Aid

    £126.00 £168.00
    TalkingBrix are easy to use, compact with integrated rechargeable batteries and 10 seconds' record time per Brix. Connect all 3 to form a multi-message communication aid, or break them apart to use individually.
  • Pocket Communication Book - Clear Pocket Pages

    Pocket Communication Book - Clear Pocket Pages

    Pocket communication books from Ability World, in the widest choice of funky patterns and colours, at the lowest UK prices. 8, 16 or 24 plastic pocket pages. Made in Britain.
  • Portable Literacy / Choice Board - Tri-fold A3 Mini

    Portable Literacy / Choice Board - Tri-fold A3 Mini

    Save up to 28% until 31 Dec 2018!! This robust, versatile Abilityboard is designed specifically for use as a portable choice board or to help improve literacy skills. The surfaces are quickly reversed to display different choices.
  • Unlimiter Mini Access Switch (28mm)

    Unlimiter Mini Access Switch (28mm)

    £19.00 £22.00
    Popular 28mm diameter switch. Clear twist-off cap lets you quickly label your switch! 4 colours. Control compatible toys, communication aids and other assistive technology.
  • A4+ Communication / Choice Folder

    A4+ Communication / Choice Folder

    Communication Folder with 2 hook & loop compatible nylon loop pages, each 300 x 225mm. Display symbols, photographs and text to aid communication, memory and learning. Wide choice of colours and patterns.
  • 'Wedge' 150 Portable Switch Mount Variable-angle

    'Wedge' 150 Portable Switch Mount Variable-angle

    Ability World's innovative new 'Wedge' Portable Switch Mount Variable-angle has non-slip feet and is a versatile, robust, lightweight, washable and incredibly simple way to position switches, etc at a range of angles.
  • Portable Communication / Choice Board Tri-fold 400

    Portable Communication / Choice Board Tri-fold 400

    Ideal for displaying 2 large symbols for simple choice making, the Tri-fold 400 Communication / Choice Board is ideal for classroom use where desk space is limited. Three panels, each 41 x 20cm.

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