Specialist Switches

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  • Candy Corn Proximity Switch

    Candy Corn Proximity Switch

    The Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch to activate. Just wave your hand or other portion of your body within 10 millimeters of the switch to activate. Visual and auditory cues occur when the switch is activated.
  • String Switch

    String Switch

    £52.92 £58.80
    The String Switch is ideal for people who have limited finger and hand mobility, as well as those with minimal strength. All it takes is a slight pull to activate the switch
  • Switch Click USB

    Switch Click USB

    A switch and interface in one. Simply plug this 2 ½-inch diameter switch into any USB port on your computer and press to simulate a left mouse click, while maintaining full access to your keyboard and mouse.
  • Pillow Switch

    Pillow Switch

    A smooth and soft foam surface makes this switch suitable for head or cheek activation. Easily fastens to a pillow or wheelchair cushion with safety pin and Velcro®. Auditory and tactile feedback.
  • Micro Light Switch

    Micro Light Switch

    Activated by pressing down on the top of the switch with a feather light touch – just 0.4-oz/11.3-g of pressure required!
  • Mini Cup Switch

    Mini Cup Switch

    A smaller version of the Cup Switch for users with good targeting ability. Easily activated with finger or chin. Includes five colored stickers.
  • Plate Switch - Multi-colour

    Plate Switch - Multi-colour

    A very thin membrane switch activated with a light touch on the colored circle. Surface is sealed to prevent moisture damage. Includes five colors.
  • Ribbon Switch

    Ribbon Switch

    Activated by bending in either direction. Soft to the touch and moisture resistant.
  • Trigger Switch - Multi-colour

    Trigger Switch - Multi-colour

    Designed to meet the rugged needs of wheelchair users. Waterproof and dust proof. Tough enough for use in any environment. Includes five colours.