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Sensitrac Flat Pad with 180° Adjustable Flipper Arm

The 180o Flipper Arm was designed for users with a light touch who require upright access angles at various degrees.
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The 180o Flipper Arm was designed for users with a light touch who require upright access angles at various degrees. 

This reliable, robust mount features:
  • 180o flipper arm
  • vertical slide receiver with flip lock
  • removable slider plate with ultra-high-strength Velcro® brand Ultra-Mate® brand hook surface
  • Velcro® brand 'loop' squares to attach devices
  • large powerful suction pad base

Why your unique, patented suction-pad mount won't move!
If uncontrolled movement is a problem for the user, the suction power of the patented Suction Pad Base securely holds the adjustable arm to the smooth flat surface of wood, plastic, glass or metal desks or table tops.
  1. Adjust the Arm
  2. Lock the angle
  3. Press the Activation Button, then ....
  4. Hit it ... Bump it ... Push it ... the 180o Flipper Arm and Suction Pad will not move!

NB: animation shows Flat Pad, but principle is the same with all mounts that use the Sensitrac suction-pad technology

Need to move the mount for better access for user?

Just lift the edge of the pad in the cut-out area of the cover, reposition it and then press it down.


Front slider panel
The front panel is covered with strong
Velcro® brand Ultra-Mate® brand , enabling you to attach a range of devices.

Size and weight limit
Please note that the size of the devices to use on the adjustable arm is limited to 15x15cm for stability and safety reasons
, and a maximum weight up to 2.2 Kg.
Slider panel locks onto arm
To prevent slider panel from coming off during use or if the user hits it upwards,
the slider is secured with a finger operated secure 'flip lock' on the top edge.

Additional Slider Panels
If you wish to have extra slider panels for the convenience and faster on or off changes, please see related products below.

Keep it clean!
The Suction Pad and the desk/table top surface should be kept clean for best suction power. Use plain water and paper towel or window cleaner wipes (the best) 
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