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MegaBee Writing Tablet Eye-blink Communication Aid

Product code: Mega-01
Megabee, from Ability World, enables people who have MND, MS, strokes, cerebral palsy and other disabilities to communicate effectively using simple eye-blink technology.
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Megabee Writing Tablet Communication AidMegaBee™ is a simple-to-use assisted writing tablet to aid frequent communication with people who have:  

  • Brain Damage
  • Stroke
  • Motor-loss
  • medium and severe Cerebral Palsy
  • Those who have no, or impaired, ability to speak and cannot write legibly

MegaBee™ is easy-to-use and rapidly deployed, providing convenient, frequent means of communication with the carer and a much enhanced lifestyle for the user. It does not require calibration and accommodates changes in head position or movement of the tablet. It requires very little training and is learnt in minutes.

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In Germany, Kathryn Lemler (shown right in the smaller images), who has Cerebral Palsy and is known for her use of a high-tech eyegaze system, is now using MegaBee as a preferred tool for rapid communication. Here are some of her quotations:

"This afternoon my pysiotherapist comes. We work together since 10 years. I like her very much, but she never learnt my system. At therapie I cant use MyTobii, therefore we need allways a dollmetcher [Interpreter]. I hope the Megabee will be the solution for this problem. I will tell you after we had trying!

..... Yesterday I have tried the megabee with my assistent anna. she has difficulties with my letterboerd in the past, because she allways forgot the letters. We cant believe it, how fast we are with the megabee. I had tears in  my eyes! ;-)"

"yesterday the girlfriend of my brother and I talk with the help of the megabee for hours. We had many fun!! Thank you  so much!!"

"Today I will go on a Party! the batterie of MyTobii is broken; so I will take the megabee with me! ;-)

In the UK, Sarah Ezekiel who has MND (ALS) and appears in many short films, including the infamous banned advertisement for MND awareness, is now a MegaBee user. She uses EZ Keys for her main communicator and MegaBee whenever she cannot take her laptop with her (like upstairs).

HOW DOES IT WORK? The tablet uses eye movement and blinking as the method to select letters or phrases, which are then displayed on its screen.

Watch Short Video Demo

This short video shows how easy MegaBee communication aid is to use, and also how powerful.



DOES IT NEED TO BE CONNECTED TO A PC? No, MegaBee™ is fully portable and can be used for bed-confined, home-care and chair-mobile situations. Whilst the unit does not require computing equipment for its basic operation it does however have Bluetooth® wireless communication ability if the user wants to display on a larger screen to several people or input text into a personal computer.

Custom abbreviations of up to 260 phrases (20 characters maximum) can also be uploaded using a computer to provide a short-cut typing mechanism specifically tailored to suit the individual user

HOW LONG DO THE BATTERIES LAST? The rechargeable batteries provide regular use over a 24 hour period with notification of low battery given 5 minutes before shutdown. The unit can still be used whilst charging the batteries.

DOES IT COME WITH ACCESSORIES? MegaBee™ is supplied in a custom carrying case which includes battery charger suitable for worldwide use, full operating instructions, computer animation for easy training purposes, and all necessary software.

IS IT EASY TO LOOK AFTER? The tablet is made from lightweight textured polypropylene which is tough and durable and allows easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

Email or call us for more about the specifications of the MegaBee™ writing tablet.

DOES IT COME IN DIFFERENT COLOURS? The standard colour for MegaBee is a graphite (dark grey) textured finish. However, we do provide special painted finishes at additional delivery time and cost if requested. The usual alternative paint colour is a black/silver metallic finish.

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Brand Megabee
Product Code Mega-01