TalkSense Training:
The excellent TalkSense website is hosted by Tony Jones, one of the leading experts on Augmentative & Alternative Communication, Multi-Sensory Referencing and Objects of Reference, Switch Skills Development and more.  It also contains many free resources and tips on good practice in the use of Assistive Technology.

Communication Matters:
UK national charity concerned with the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) needs of people with complex communication difficulties. Also known as ISAAC (UK) - the UK Chapter of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

ACE centre
Provides specialist expertise in communication and assistive technology.

Call Centre
Provides specialist expertise in communication and assistive technology (primarily in Scotland).

Communication for Involvement
Jane Jones and Sue Thurman worked with BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) and the Rett Syndrome Association UK to develop a communication toolkit.

Communication and people with the most
complex needs: What works and why this is
essential. Professor Juliet Goldbart.
This guide was commissioned by Mencap in
partnership with the Department of Health.

Communication passports
These involve a process of gathering, sharing
and making explicit information about a person
and their communication in order to help less
familiar people recognise and make sense of
the person’s communicative behaviour.

Hearing from the Seldom Heard
This recommends six areas of good practice
in listening to people with profound and
multiple learning disabilities, including links to
a range of communication approaches in the
communication section.

This organisation provides advice and training in
using personalised technology with people with
profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Intensive Interaction

The Hanging Out Programme
This doesn’t need training! The basic principle is
to give 100% attention for 10 minutes per day to
quality interaction with the person with PMLD.

Involve Me
A project aiming to increase positive
involvement of people with PMLD. A
resource pack, inspiring DVD and links to
creative approaches to communication and
consultation are available.

Multi-sensory approaches
You can learn more from the work of Richard
Hirstwood and Flo Longhorn.

Oxfordshire Total Communication
A useful site with a wealth of information on
different communication approaches.

Partners in Policymaking
Leadership training courses for disabled
adults, parents and carers of disabled children,
professionals and other service providers
working in education, health and leisure.

Person-centred thinking tools
Ways to help carers listen and learn about
what really matters to a person in order to
take action together to make sure these things
become part of their lives.

PMLD Network
A group of people committed to improving the
lives of people with PMLD.

A journal that shares ideas and good practice
in supporting children and adults with PMLD.

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
The professional body for speech and language
therapists has a national network of therapists
working with people with a learning disability.
Call: 020 73781200
Got to: