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A5+ Communication Book / Choice Book
A5+ Communication Book / Choice Book
A5+ Communication Book / Choice Book
A5+ Communication Book / Choice Book
A5+ Communication Book / Choice Book

Communication Book A5+ (Core & Fringe Vocabulary) RIGID COVERS

Product code: ABW-A5CBCFF6-BIRDS
Fold-out 'core vocabulary' page is always visible, plus 6, 10 or 14 more nylon loop fabric pages to attach your communication symbols, photographs or text to. Choose from 22 outer designs.
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A5 Communication Book RedAbility World's Communication Book A5+ (Core & Fringe Vocabulary version) has a dedicated fold-out page for high frequency 'core' words and a further 6, 10 or 14 additional nylon loop pages for other 'fringe' vocabulary
  • When open, the left-hand page is always visible and can be used for frequently used 'core' words (I, like, want, go, yes, no, please, thank you, etc)
  • There are then 6, 10 or 14 more high quality black nylon loop fabric pages, to which you can attach symbols, pictures and text using self-adhesive hook coins or tape
  • Outside is covered with durable, waterproof nylon fabric and the rigid inner board is plastic, so it also won't be harmed if it gets wet!
  • You can choose your outer cover from solid colours and funky patterns
  • Equipped with carry handle and hook & loop closure
  • Optional shoulder strap attachment rings
  • Size is slightly wider than A5 (closed), but virtually the same height: 515mm wide x 210mm (open); 165mm x 210mm (closed)
A choice of solid colours and exciting patterned outer covers is available:
Ability World portable communication book blue spots
Blue Spots

Ability World portable communication book San Francisco
San Francisco


Candy Hearts


Blue Stripes

Butterflies & Flowers

Red Stars

Red Stripes


Jungle Camouflage

Marine Camouflage

Desert Camouflage

Ability World black fabric colour sample
Ability World navy blue fabric colour sample
Navy Blue
Ability World royal blue fabric colour sample
Royal Blue
Ability World bottle green fabric colour sample
Bottle Green
Ability World purple fabric colour sample
Ability World red fabric colour sample

The following images are of our A5 Communication Folder, which looks similar.

Candy Hearts
A5 Communication Book Candy Hearts from Ability World

Butterflies and flowers
A5 Portable Communication Book / Choice Book - Butterflies & Flowers from Ability World
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