Attainment GoTalk communication aids

Founded in 1979, Attainment Company is an independent, family-owned business based in Verona, Wisconsin. Attainment is dedicated to helping people with disabilities succeed at school, work, and life.  Attainment manufacturers the ever popular GoTalk range of communication aids, as well as a number of other products designed for communication, learning support and inclusion.

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  • GoTalk 4+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 4+ Communication Aid

    A great place to start AAC! GoTalk 4+ is lightweight and rugged, like all GoTalks, and has 22 messages, 5 recording levels and large message keys for easy access.
  • GoTalk 9+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 9+ Communication Aid

    The world's best selling GoTalk! GoTalk 9+ is lightweight and rugged, with a 45 message capacity, five recording levels, and three “core messages” which stay the same on each level.
  • GoTalk 20+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 20+ Communication Aid

    Lightweight and rugged, GoTalk 20+ has 105-message capacity! There are 20 keys, each 1-inch square, five recording levels and another five “core messages” that stay the same on each level.
  • GoTalk 32+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 32+ Communication Aid

    163 message capacity! GoTalk 32+ functions like the GoTalk 4+, GoTalk 9+, and GoTalk 20+ but with 32 messages on each of the 5 recording levels, plus three core vocabulary keys.
  • GoTalk Express 32 Communication Aid

    GoTalk Express 32 Communication Aid

    Play multiple messages in sequence! The most Advanced GoTalk is easy to use yet powerful - an ideal bridge between low-tech and dynamic display communication tools, with exciting features.
  • StepPad 2

    StepPad 2

    Attainment's StepPad 2 is a powerful, easy-to-use, cognitive support tool for multi-step tasks.
  • Attainment Talker Communication Aid

    Attainment Talker Communication Aid

    £44.25 £59.00
    Two slim, lightweight talkers at remarkable prices! And they sound great! Attainment Talkers are easy to record and use, each with 10 seconds of recording time per message. Both include a protective neoprene glove.
  • GoTalk 9+ Lite Touch Communication Aid

    GoTalk 9+ Lite Touch Communication Aid

    £229.00 £235.00
    Go Talk 9+ Lite Touch offers significantly improved touch sensitivity. A powerful, portable, easy to use and very durable speech output device. Use it as an introductory communication aid and also for curriculum enrichment.
  • GoTalk Overlay Software

    GoTalk Overlay Software

    Create your own overlays for GoTalk 4+, 9+ 20+, 32+, Express 32, as well as for Pocket GoTalk, One by Four Talker and Personal Talker. The software includes a thousand photos and illustrations.