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  • GoTalk 4+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 4+ Communication Aid

    £106.20 £118.00
    A great place to start AAC! GoTalk 4+ is lightweight and rugged, like all GoTalks, and has 22 messages, 5 recording levels and large message keys for easy access.
  • GoTalk 9+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 9+ Communication Aid

    £116.10 £129.00
    The world's best selling GoTalk! GoTalk 9+ is lightweight and rugged, with a 45 message capacity, five recording levels, and three “core messages” which stay the same on each level.
  • GoTalk 9+ Lite Touch Communication Aid

    GoTalk 9+ Lite Touch Communication Aid

    £211.50 £235.00
    Go Talk 9+ Lite Touch offers significantly improved touch sensitivity. A powerful, portable, easy to use and very durable speech output device. Use it as an introductory communication aid and also for curriculum enrichment.
  • GoTalk 20+ Communication Aid

    GoTalk 20+ Communication Aid

    £126.90 £141.00
    Lightweight and rugged, GoTalk 20+ has 105-message capacity! There are 20 keys, each 1-inch square, five recording levels and another five “core messages” that stay the same on each level.
  • GoTalk Express 32 Communication Aid

    GoTalk Express 32 Communication Aid

    £408.50 £430.00
    Play multiple messages in sequence! The most Advanced GoTalk is easy to use yet powerful - an ideal bridge between low-tech and dynamic display communication tools, with exciting features.
  • GoTalk Pocket

    GoTalk Pocket

    £128.80 £161.00
    The GoTalk Pocket is small and discreet, with a 30 message recording capacity! It is lightweight, contoured and small enough to fit in your hand, pocket or purse, or attach it to the lanyard.
  • BIGtrack 2.0 Supermouse with Switch Sockets

    BIGtrack 2.0 Supermouse with Switch Sockets

    £53.00 £106.00
    BIGtrack 2.0 is USB mouse with a large 3-in / 7.6-cm trackball and over-sized left and right click buttons, which can be used with one or two switches and includes an easy-to-use drag lock feature. Save up to 25%!
  • Ablenet BIGmack Communication Aid

    Ablenet BIGmack Communication Aid

    £106.92 £118.80
    Ablenet's popular BIGmack communication aid enables you to record one message up to 2 minutes long in to the device. To hear your message, press the large 5"/12.7 cm switch top, or use an alternative switch.
  • Ablenet BIG Step-by-Step Communication Aid

    Ablenet BIG Step-by-Step Communication Aid

    £132.30 £147.00
    Record a series of messages into Ablenet's BIG Step-by-Step. Press large 5"/12.7 cm switch top to play messages, one at a time. Includes 2 mins recording time. Supports external switch for alternative access.
  • Big Points

    Big Points

    £53.10 £59.00
    Big-Point is ideal for speaking and listening, records and plays back 30 seconds of sound.
  • Recordable Pegs

    Recordable Pegs

    £41.40 £46.00
    These award winning recordable pegs are not only a fantastic addition to your Nursery Resources in your Early Years setting but also great for use in Primary.
  • Rainbow Talking Boxes

    Rainbow Talking Boxes

    £32.40 £36.00
    All boxes have wipe clean surfaces, have magnetic catches to stop the lid getting damaged, made from heavy guage card and are activated by light sensors when opened with no switches to fail!
  • Orbitrack Trackpad

    Orbitrack Trackpad

    £95.00 £190.00
    ‘Orbitrack’ - A revolutionary, new, input device which allows computer users to control both the direction and speed of the cursor with a single, soft, touch. Requires no hand or wrist movement.
  • Big Red Twist 125mm dia.

    Big Red Twist 125mm dia.

    £42.30 £47.00
    The Big Red twist offers the original Big Red's 125mm activation surface with tactile and auditory feedback, but with a twist.
  • Mini Cup Switch

    Mini Cup Switch

    £52.92 £58.80
    A smaller version of the Cup Switch for users with good targeting ability. Easily activated with finger or chin. Includes five colored stickers.
  • String Switch

    String Switch

    £52.92 £58.80
    The String Switch is ideal for people who have limited finger and hand mobility, as well as those with minimal strength. All it takes is a slight pull to activate the switch
  • SimplyWorks® Wireless Switch 125

    SimplyWorks® Wireless Switch 125

    SimplyWorks® Switch 125 is a low profile, large diameter wireless switch that can be used with any of the SimplyWorks® receivers to give switch, mouse, or keyboard functions
  • Smoothie 125mm dia.

    Smoothie 125mm dia.

    £25.92 £28.80
    The Smoothie is a low profile, large diameter switch for the ultimate in comfortable switching.
  • Switch-adapted Toy: Mickey Mouse City Fun RC Car

    Switch-adapted Toy: Mickey Mouse City Fun RC Car

    £45.00 £50.00
    Have fun with Mickey’s radio controlled car. Easy to play: simply connect and press one or two standard switches (3.5mm) to the socket leads to make the car drive forwards or backwards.
  • Time Timer MOD

    Time Timer MOD

    £40.50 £54.00
    Did you ever looking for the small TimeTimer in a trendy and colorful version? Have you always desired a plastic cover to protect the red disc of your small TimeTimer? Both wishes are fulfilled with the new TimeTimer MOD!
  • Wiggles the Sleepy Snoring Pig

    Wiggles the Sleepy Snoring Pig

    £50.00 £61.00
    Wiggles the sleepy snoring pig is adapted to the needs of young children who use switches to play with their toys. Connect and press a switch to make Wiggles, snore wiggle his ears and curly tail and talk in his sleep.
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