Abilityboard: Portable Communication / Choice Board Tri-fold (A3)

Portable Tri-fold Communication Board / Choice Board (A3)
Portable Tri-fold Communication Board / Choice Board (A3) Portable Tri-fold Communication Board / Choice Board (A3) Portable Tri-fold Communication Board / Choice Board (A3) Portable Tri-fold Communication Board / Choice Board (A3)
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Perfect for table-top use! Ideal for many choice-making activities, as a portable communication board or as a compact tri-fold portable display board.
Product Code: ABW-TFA3-BK
Brand: Ability World
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  • Made to a high quality in Britain
  • Now available in BLACK and ROYAL BLUE
Tri-fold Portable Display Board or Communication Choice BoardTri-fold Portable Display Board or Communication Choice Board
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Abilityboards are our own exceptional range of high quality, hook & loop compatible portable communication / choice boards.

They are an ideal and cost-effective resource for literacy support, developing communication skills, and many other learning support, choice-making and therapy activities. 

Abilityboards are popular in schools, colleges, care homes and domestic situations.

All Abilityboards are:
  • Covered with durable 'nylon loop' fabric, to which you can attach paper, laminated flash cards and other items using 'hook' dots
  • Ready to use - each Abilityboard is supplied with 25 self-adhesive 'hook' dots - simply attach a dot to the back of the item you want to display and place it on the board
  • Easy to store - they fold flat when not in use
  • Versatile and flexible - you can quickly rotate the board or reverse the displayed surfaces to change activities
  • Portable
  • Cleanable - the inner plastic board won't harm if it gets wet
  • Made in Britain and delivered to you within 3-5 working days of receiving your order
This product:
  • Closed size: 410 x 305mm (approx A3)
  • Opens to provide 6 usable surfaces.  It takes seconds to reverse the displayed surfaces or rotate the board
  • Use as shown or standing on end
  • includes 25 'hook' dots
Additional information:

Use as a communication choice board or to help improve literacy  skills.
Prearrange symbols on each surface and turn for quick transition between activities. Self-standing board covered with high quality nylon loop fabric.

The choice board can be stored flat then folds to triangular position with hook & loop closure. Can prearrange symbols on each of the surfaces for quick transition of symbols displayed from or within an activity.

Tips For Use:

Choice Making/Display: At circle time teacher could have choices as to weather conditions outside in which the children would choose from...then quickly flip the prearranged board to reveal choices of songs to be sung from which children would make a choice...

Literacy: You can use pictures or words to allow for expanding sentence knowledge/creative poetry...where a close sentence would be presented leaving out a descriptor word in which choices would be stored on another side of the board for quick choice making and retrieval by a child...the descriptive picture chosen would then be placed within sentence and be read by child.

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